Friday, April 9, 2010

Cel-e-brate without food—come on!

Birthdays have cakes. Valentine’s Day has chocolates. Thanksgiving is just a cornucopia of gluttony. So many of our celebrations center around food.

But how should we celebrate weight loss?

I think rewards are important and can be great motivators. But I struggle with trying to come up with appropriate ones. After all, I’m used to celebrating my success with food (and wine, of course).

I recently bought myself a Clarisonic Mia—a skincare cleansing system. It was a bit pricey, but I decided to look at it as my first reward. I bought it not long after I hit my 25 lb. mark.

I’m also getting Celebrations points through Children’s. I keep joking that because I have so much weight to lose and because I’m earning points through both Weight Watchers and Strong4Life, I’m working up to a flat screen. Maybe not quite, but I do have my eye on a nice camera.

Well-intentioned, though sometimes a little hurtful, my grandfather has given me a hard time about my weight my entire life. In the past few years, he’s told me he’d give me $5 for every pound I lost. I always sort of blew that off. But when I lost my first 10 lbs., I called him and told him he owed me $50. Hey, he’s bugged me about it for long enough, it’s time to pay up, Grandpa! I’ve since earned another $100 from him, though he decided our deal stops after I lose 50 lbs.

Clothes don’t work as rewards, because hopefully I won’t be in a size for too long. Sometimes mani/pedis are nice rewards, but, honestly, I would probably get those anyway.

So, what are some non-food ways you reward yourself? I welcome your ideas.

A few more things—I stuck to my promise and wrote three times this week. It’s nice to actually follow through on a commitment. This weekend I’m at the Ronald again, so make sure you check in Monday to see how I did. Personal training continues to go well. I’ll write more about it next week.

Thanks, as always, for reading. Have a wonderful weekend!


Tracey said...

I like to reward myself with fun exercise/health things. I have my eye on a Sigg bottle, or maybe a fancy headband to pull back my hair . . . For a big reward, how about a massage?

Anonymous said...

Can we still celebrate with an occasional glass of wine or how about champagne? LOL! Guess who this is from.

How about a new pair of workout shoes? That would be rewarding and beneficial. Your feet would love you for it! A massage would be nice and beneficial, too. A book, dvd, magazine or a trip to the movies might be nice. Go for the camera and the flat screen!

Glad you kept your promise to write. I'm having to back track to keep up.

You have a fabulous weekend, Ms. Anderson!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to get a filtered water pitcher as a reward when I lose 10 pounds.

Nancy said...

Erika you're doing awesome. I'd love to know what's different this time around from other weight loss attempts. I need inspiration!

As for celebrations, I never really came up with any good ones. Maybe new shoes? Lip gloss? :)

Oh and I linked to your blog from mine, hope you don't mind.

Anonymous said...

Erika, you can always have a fruit dessert to celebrate. I believe the Farmers Market,Publix, and Kroger have fruit tarts that are incredibly delicious. Keep up the good work!

ChristineEdge said...

I like to try new things as a reward. I tried the driving range or batting cage. (Both great ways to get rid of frustrations BTW)
I look in the paper for events going on such as Bodies:The Exhibition or any of the shows that like to cycle through this great city. I also began taking a pottery class as a way to reward myself for working hard each week. Now each week I have set aside time for relaxation and creativity. I may not be that artistic-but I certainly love it!
Keep at it!

Anonymous said...


I read your blog posts weekly and they are amazing!!! you are fabulous and keep it up. Tap into your inner diva and do a spa day from time to time. It does not have to be pricey. A lot of times you will see an advertisement for a 2 for 1 deal for a full body massage etc so take a friend and split the cost- I saw one recently for $80, $40/each is a steal :). Or, if not pampering, treat yourself to something you may enjoy i.e. a new art set, a new mascara, or let your cel-e-brations pile up and get affordable concert tickets.

I love reading what you have to say and I am getting ready to embark on a new fitness regimen myself so, be encouraged and keep cel-e-brating :):):)

Anonymous said...

Erika, congratulations on your weight loss, Like you I lost 47 pounds nearly 8 years ago and have managed to keep it off minus a few pounds coming and going. I never really found a specific reward to myself but there where times when I realized why I was doing it. During my losing days I needed a dress, I went to a consignment shop and tried on every fancy long dress i could find, my reward was the fact i had an overwhelming number of choices when before I wanted the one that hide the most and might have taken me hours to find. The first time I walked down the beach and was getting second looks. I guess what I am trying to say is for me a reward wasn't an item or a thing but what I received just as a result of the weight loss.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE manicures and pedicures! Especially now that spring is in full bloom! Or a massage, new pair of shoes, new hair cut, or highlights - these things always make me feel good too :) Or buy a new piece of jewelry like a fun necklace or earrings or ring.

Anonymous said...

What about tickets to a concert, a play, or the opera? Events don't have to revolve around food.

Anonymous said...

I have a scaled reward system. Basically small goals and rewards for getting there.

Only as an exmaple; fill in whatever amounts and rewards; make it something you REALLY want:
10 pounds - a special DVD
25 pounds - a new bike
50 pounds - concert
100 pounds - vacation

Something like that.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your continued success!

Even though you won't be in a size for long, you still need to buy as you lose. You don't want to buy a lot or spend a lot either. Try Kohl's,Target, Old Navy.

There is NOTHING that's a better high than trying on smaller clothes as you get smaller. ALWAYS take one pair of pants of your starting size in with you when you go in the dressing room to confirm what the scale, or your head, refuses to acknowledge.

Massages are great too, because you are treating your body with love, instead of abusing it with overeating. It's a change of perspective.

I am so PROUD of you!

Sending love,

Anonymous said...

well, this is my big reward when I get to my goal weight....but I want a beautiful right hand know the hand that you use to eat! I want it to symbolize my accomplishment as well as to serve as a reminder as I go through each day. One day I will get there!

My smaller goal treats are: mani/pedis, new smaller clothes, new workout/running clothes, etc.

keep up the good work!
Natalie Owens

Anonymous said...

Oh and a nice place to eat is at Seasons 52....the calorie count isn't bad, the food is yummie......and you can research it all online before you go!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! To reward yourself, try stimulating other senses than taste. I love nice smelling lotions or perfume. For a visual treat, try going to a park or walking through a nursery or garden this time of year. Touch a pet, get a massage. Listen to nature sounds or favorite music. Laughter is a great reward - watch a funny movie.. You get the idea!

Julia said...

Congratulations on your weight loss and taking better care of yourself!! I also agree with some of the statements that celebrating with food is not necissarilly the biggest evil, it's how much and how often you do it (everything in moderation you know ;o) I can vouch personally for the incredible delicisousness of the fruit tarts at the Dekalb Farmer's Market and The Yogurt Tap in Decatur is another great stop.

Personally, some non-food ways I reward myself are mani/pedis, massage, etc. If you're not signed up for Groupon, get on it! I recently got $110 massage for Oh la la Salon for only $35! Also, the Aveda training institute in Atlanta is a great place to get a wonderful but cheap spa experience. All of the students are supervised by liscened stylists.

I also like to celebrate by spending time with friends, doing a game night, making dinner for folks (healthy, of course ;)

Just some ideas!

Dinah said...

I am indulgent by nature and have no problem rewarding myself. Here are my favorites:
Spa time--let someone else do something nice for your body for a change.
New perfume--I used to be obsessed with having a "signature scent." Now I'm more "This smells nice."
A Day Off--The most indulgent reward of all, your own personal Day Off can simply be that day you've been thinking about enjoying if you had "That Life." You know what I mean. "If I had That Life, I would start off my day at the farmer's market, then I would have a light lunch with friends, then I would read paperbacks in the sun until dinner, when I would cook up whatever yummy organic things I just got at the market." What on EARTH is really stopping us from having that day? I'll tell you, honey: NOTHING.