Friday, October 1, 2010

Go team

Remember when I told you guys about the wellness competition my department was doing? We finished last week. It was a 6-week competition and 36 people in Marketing and Communications participated.

We had weekly missions—things like attending a Children’s exercise class, cooking a healthy dish, doing an endurance event and hiking a historic trail. And of course, we counted our steps. At the end of our competition, we had walked a cumulative total of 4.3 million steps. Pretty impressive.

I’m proud to say that my Team Moxilicious tied for first place, along with Team Pure Energy. Tonight, we are celebrating with a catered suite at the Braves game. How fun is that? Sometimes being healthy pays off in more than just weight loss. Who knew?

But after the game, I’m going somewhere else. To the Ronald McDonald House. I offered to fill in for a fellow weekend manager. I feel pretty good about where I am right now (recent eating from the trashcan aside) and am hoping I am more in control than I used to be. Yes, I’m a little nervous. But I know I have it in me to have power over my food.

Monday, I promise to let you know (honestly) how I did. Cross your fingers for me. Have a great weekend.

And go Braves!

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Anonymous said...

YOU ARE A WINNER, my friend! and every time i come here to your blog i am inspired. you are my hero. love you.

Girl on the Phone. :)