Friday, February 11, 2011

The cruise is off

Yeah, you heard me. The cruise is no more. At least for now.

Do I think I’ll never get to my 100 pounds? Nope (although some days it sure feels like it). Do I plan to gain back all my weight? Not that either.

Instead, I got the most fabulous surprise from one of my best friends.

Friday, my college roommate’s husband called me. His wife, my friend Lange, is a huge fan of Oprah Winfrey. So Steve proceeds to tell me he went to the Oprah website to try to win tickets for Lange.

He got lucky. He snagged two tickets to Oprah’s post-Oscar episode taping in Los Angeles. He also had two free flights, thanks to frequent flier miles.

I was so excited for Lange. I knew how thrilled she must be. But then Steve said though he didn’t mind going, the more he thought about it, Lange would have more fun with me.

Wait, WHAT?

Here I was, expecting him to ask me to babysit for their girls (my two goddaughters), but instead he and Lange are giving me the experience of a lifetime. Feb. 25, Lange and I head to L.A. to hang out with Oprah and the Oscar winners (Colin Firth? Be still my heart).

I’m beyond thrilled about this. I’m excited to see OPRAAAAAH (recite that in your best Oprah voice for emphasis) and her celebrity guests and to spend some quality time with my dear friend. I also have a cousin in Los Angeles and some friends I hope to see.

So I’m thinking this is going to take the place of my cruise. I won’t be to my 100 pounds by then, but that’s OK. I think I still deserve a reward, no? I’ll revisit the cruise idea for another milestone. My ultimate goal weight, perhaps.

The funny thing is that if this had happened to me a year ago, I probably still would have been pumped about it, but it would have been clouded by a ton of worry. Would I have to buy an extra seat on the plane? I would definitely need a seatbelt extender. Would I be able to walk around doing touristy things for four days without being worn out? Where would I eat? How would I feed my addiction while sharing a room with someone?

But because this happened now, I have only joy and anticipation. It’s kind of the way I’m choosing to look at my life in general. Just excitement and hope of what’s to come.
Oh, and don’t worry. I’ll be sure to tell Oprah that you guys said hi.


Haley said...

Wow! So excited for you. You're going to have a great time. And you're right, you can go on a cruise any time!

Tonia said...

Erika, what an awesome treat... not only because you've accomplished so much in the past year, but because you're an amazing person who is well-deserving. I am just ecstatic to know someone who rubs elbows with the stars of such high caliber, OPRAAAAAH! :)

Anonymous said...


Dawn M. Stark said...

You deserve this AND the cruise! Yah for you two. You will have a blast!

LT said...

OMG!!!!! Erika Annnnnderrsoooonnnn (in my Oprah voice)! So freakin excited for you!

Casa de Nagel said...

Have a blast girl - you SO deserve it!

Anonymous said...

You can even rub it in Oprah's face that you've been more successful losing weight than she ever has!

Anonymous said...

So super-excited for you! And, "Just excitement and hope of what's to come..." great way to look at life. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'll DVR it so I can look for you on TV! :) Lauren K.

Jan said...

You are going to have so much fun!
What nice friends!

cd said...

NO WAY!!!!! I have the chills!! This is like, my DREAM gift!!! I am THRILLED for you - not only for the trip itself - but for how GREAT you'll feel while out there! Have sooo much fun, my dear!!! And you better be blogging about all that you do and see!!! YOU DESERVE it all, girl!