Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shopper's delight

When I was very young, nothing made me happier than going shopping with my grandmother. When she would visit, I’d immediately say, “Let’s go hopping, Grandma!”

I still love hopping. But for the past decade or so, I’ve focused my retail therapy on stuff that I didn’t have to worry about fitting—food, accessories, shoes and lots of makeup.

Clothes, however, are a different story.

As a plus-size girl, I had very limited options. Let’s say I had a wedding to go to. I’d look online. I’d go to the mall. I’d hit the plus department at Macy’s. Walk out and go to Lane Bryant. Maybe the Avenue or Ashley Stewart. And if I didn’t find anything? I really didn’t have any other options.

I’m officially too small for those plus-size stores now (whee!). That should make me happy. It does, but it’s also totally overwhelming.

Now when I walk into the mall, there are so many choices. Whereas I had probably four options before, I now have hundreds. It’s strange. It’s almost like I have to relearn how to shop. But practice makes perfect, right?

Sometimes I wish Clinton and Stacy from TLC’s What Not to Wear would sweep in and teach me the rules. For the longest time, I just bought what would fit. Now I have to figure out if something actually looks good. I’ve realized I have no idea how to tell anymore.

Does this make me sound like I’m complaining? It’s not meant to. I have shed many a tear in a dressing room in the past several years. But last week, I did a happy dance—literally—when I fit into a size I never thought I’d see again. This is good stuff. I just feel a little bit like a baby foal finding its legs.

I’m totally willing to put in the practice hours. Anyone want to do a shopping workout with me? I envision an ‘80s-themed makeover montage, followed by us walking slowly down a staircase while everyone oohs and ahhs.

It could happen.


Dawn M. Stark said...

I'll come! I'd love to shop with you Erika and you motivate me to have more choices one day very soon too! Awesome girlie. Let me know when and where!

CD said...

I'll go with you!!! I bet you could have entire POSSE go with you!