Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Life is perfect. No it's not.

So, my friend LaTonia sent me a funny picture today:

It's been a long time since something so funny summed up my not-so-funny feelings all at once.

I recently told someone that it seems like so many people's lives have become Christmas card letters. You know how those letters are only filled with the good things? Life is amazing and perfect and beautiful and wonderful and golly gee don't you wish you were me? In my Facebook world, three friends announced pregnancies last week, two more got engaged, several more have pictures of new boyfriends or girlfriends.

I wanted to post a picture of all the sweets I did NOT avoid at the Ronald McDonald House this weekend. My status might say something like, "Congrats on your fantastic lives! I ate my weight in cookies at the Ronald this weekend. Don't be jealous!"

Boy, bitterness is not a good color for me, is it? I think it kind of washes me out. Don't get me wrong. I'm happy for my friends. And this is just my way of making things all about me (ask anyone, I'm super good at that). Other people's happiness--or lack thereof--does not determine my own.

So, I'm on a mission to find it. To work toward my own happiness. I know it's out there. I'm ready to hunt it down, kill it and eat it for dinner.

It would be much better for me than those cookies.


LT said...

Hey friendy, you're not the only one who feels this way. I got plenty of likes on the picture! I just keep reminding myself that I'm exactly where God wants me to be right now...Eating cookie dough...LOL. Seriously, happier times are around the corner. I feel it. Get ready to attack!

Anonymous said...

That's a pretty funny, and true, cartoon. If it makes you feel any better, because misery loves company, I've been in a sort of a Purgatory for the past three years. I'd be happy to go to lunch with you and tell you all about it. So I have been doing the same things you have lately to comfort myself until just recently. I decided a few weeks ago that if I couldn't control anything else in my life, I could control what I put in my mouth. And I have lost five pounds so far! I hope you can get back there too.
~Laura S.

Anonymous said...

Love that picture! There is another picture like that that says something about "if only my life was half as cool as it seems on facebook". Everyone has a different story... I know it is hard to see. Facebook should be renamed "puppies and rainbows.com". Because more realistic status posts like "I stick myself with needles for fertility treatments and spend thousands of dollars only to get negative pregnancy tests month after month" and "I feel trapped at my job and unfulfilled" don't have the same ring to it as the cute pics of my toddler and my excited about the weekend posts! Try not to be down...I know it can be hard. If you need an escape, youtube boyband songs from the 90s. Works for me! Thanks for being honest with your readers-always appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Facebook is a crock of shit. People are liars on that. studies have actually shown that social media causes depression. my advice? stay off that garbage. It's all delusional crap. The people saying how great their marriage is well, the wife's prolly boning someone else and the husband's a porn addict. Children are oeverrated and expensive. and the butterflies of having a new BF or GF wear off real quick and reality sets in.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Facebook is NOT a true representation of what's going on in everyone else's life. Avoid it!!

Anonymous said...

The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else's highlight reel.
~Steve Furtick