Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The good, the bad and the beautiful

As I mentioned, I was in Florida this past weekend for my friend’s wedding. Today at Weight Watchers, I had my first gain. Let’s just get right to it and see how that .8 lbs. could have possibly happened, shall we?

The good
  • When I took the dress I bought to get hemmed, it needed major alteration because it was too big. The downside is that it cost me about 70 bucks. But that was for a good reason, so I won’t complain.
  • I didn’t overindulge in Diet Coke.*
  • I did a lot of walking and running around helping with wedding setup.
  • My friends and family were affirming of my thus-far success.
  • Avoided (and wasn’t even tempted by them, actually) the chips and salsa and bacon cheddar fries at dinner the first night I was there.
  • Lots of dancing at the reception (in heels) was a mini workout.

The bad
  • Friday, when we were setting up the reception space, we ordered Pizza Hut. I didn’t have another food option, but I did have the option not to eat three pieces. Let’s just say I didn’t choose that option.
  • The wedding favors were adorable cookies that looked like my friends’ giant schnauzer, Stella. I helped to tie bows for the favor bags. I also helped myself to three Stella cookies.
  • *Replaced DC with an inordinate amount of red wine at the wedding.
  • Decided against a Gnu bar in favor of a Chick-Fil-A chicken biscuit Friday morning.
  • Sunday morning, ditched my healthy egg-white omelet plans for eggs Benedict at brunch with my family.

The beautiful
  • My gorgeous and dear friend, Lara, marrying John, the love of her life.

I promise to post pictures soon. And I also promise to lose that .8 next week. I totally deserved that gain after my actions of the weekend. But I’m still convinced it would have been much worse just a few months ago. Back on the wagon, my friends. Giddy-up.


lee said...

You have the best sense of humor! If you need a 2nd career, you'd make a great comedian. You're better than some sitcoms on TV. You deserve some rewards from this week-end so don't sweat it. We know you'll be back on track next week so pat yourself on the back for not eating more temptations. Thanks for sharing the fun and making us smile. Keep the spirit!

Anonymous said...

If I gain a little and .8 was only a little....I always attribute it to retaining fluid or building muscle. As long as I feel good, am happy and not stuffing myself without any consideration or recollection of what all I consumed I feel like I'm still on track. Being able to move around and enjoy life is beautiful, too.

Glad you had a nice time on your trip to Florida!

Love reading your blogs!

Anonymous said...

You did great job. .8 gain is fabulous compared to what it could be. You did awesome. Thanks for the encouragement. Your blog really helps!!!!