Thursday, April 1, 2010

Movin' on down

Meet my newest BFF:

It’s my milestone marker for 25 lb. weight loss. Yay! Last week I came up .2 lbs. short of 25 lbs. Ugh. It would have been easier if it were at least a whole pound away. .2? That’s just silly. This week I hit that .2 and went past it. I’m now down a total of 28.4 lbs.

A few of you have asked that I post more. I promise to be more responsive. As I mentioned last week, I was busy moving and I also had a major project due at work that left me little time for blogging. But I think things are finally calming down. Hopefully.

Routine is a pretty important thing to me these days. I have a fairly set meal schedule, exercise schedule, etc. But being so busy has thrown me off yet again.

I have to confess that this past Sunday I did something I haven’t done in a couple of months. I overate. I had spent the day moving and cleaning my old apartment. I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and I was tired and hungry.

My car made a bee-line for the drive-through--Panda Express. And I don’t even really care for Chinese. Still, I ordered. And when the guy asked me if I wanted rangoon (you know, those yummy cream cheese-filled crab puffs) with it, I said “sure” before I even knew what I was saying.

I went home and basically inhaled it. Most of it. I did leave some on my plate. But because I ate so quickly, I didn’t realize how full I was until it was too late.

I was miserable. I don’t consider this a binge, because the motivation was not emotional. I was just hungry. And for a quick second, I went back to my old overeating self. But unlike the past, when being overly full would bring me some sense of comfort, I was just uncomfortable and unhappy. To me, that’s just further proof that something truly has changed within me. I’m not planning to do that again.

I’m hoping to get a little more settled this weekend. I haven’t been to the grocery store, which is part of what is making me make wrong choices. And my moving and cleaning has not allowed gym time. Though I do know I got a workout from lugging boxes and scrubbing floors on my hands and knees.

Routine is key for me. Next week will be better. And I’ll also be a better blogger. I promise to post at least three times a week. Feel free to send me hate mail if I don’t.


CD said...

They say that you can't truly feel success unless you fall a few steps behind at some point. You sound like you are so in tune with yourself here lately - that is just awesome - that is the majority of the battle, I would guess! Keep up the GREAT work!! You're doing awesome!!!!

Katie Paciorek Marino said...

I love this blog. as someone who has struggled with food for years, your honesty is so inspiring to me. and you are an amazing writer.

so proud of you, erika. you're doing awesome. thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Although I'm not your Strong 4 Life Trainer, I feel so closely tied to your journey. Congrats on the 25# mile-marker. There are so many of us who are pulling for you!

Amanda Wooden, RD
Strong4Life Nutritionist

kicks said...

Congrats, Erika! I am so excited for you. I hope you are feeling settled in your new place, and I know you will recapture your routine soon.

Thinking of you!

Kevin M. said...

More than 28 lbs.!!!! Amazing. So proud of you. As someone who sees you every day, you have changed. Not just on the outside, which is changing so quickly it's crazy. I see a new you shining from within. A happier new you. It's so incredible watching you transform. Oh, and I had cake the other day...with extra icing. ;-)

Sindy said...

OMG Girl, I'm so proud of you!!!! I'm excited for two reasons: #1 you are "moving on" with a new life, not just in your weight/health journey but in your physical move! #2 you really are too busy to realize just yet how incredible it is that you have just shed what equates to a small person!!! (25 pounds....that's like a toddler!!!) When you finally have time to sit on your sofa in your new place and enjoy a cup of tea and look around, you are going to breathe a sigh of relief and pride at just how far you have come. I'm so happy for you and so proud of you. It is so inspirational and motivating to read your blogs. Thanks for keeing it REAL!!!

Leanne said...

This is good. You're so good!

Love ya much!

Anonymous said...

I am inspired by your honesty. It helps to be that way with yourself. Congratulations on your weight loss 28 lbs that is awesome! Keep it up, i have a best friend that im want to show your blog to, i think it will encourage her as well.

J-Boogie said...

Thank you for your honesty. That is sometimes one of the hardest things to put on display when you are doing something publicly. Your motivation encourages me to keep going and to do better because I deserve better. Keep taking care of that body it is the only one you've got!

Anonymous said... are doing a fabulous job! We attend the same gym, so I've gotten to see your transformation thus far and you look fantastic!! You are a hard worker with a-lot of dedication - the perfect combo to jump-start positive change in your life. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU :)