Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Talk it out

My talk Saturday went pretty well. I wish I had been a little more linear. But I tend to be a bit all over the place whenever I speak in general, so I guess it represented me pretty accurately.

There were more than 60 people there, which surprised me. Including me, six people shared their Weight Watchers journeys. Some had lost more than 100 pounds, others less than 50. But each one of them had changed his or her life in a significant way. It was very humbling and I was grateful for the opportunity to share. Below is a photo of me and the fabulous Dee, our Weight Watchers leader, at the event. She's amazing.

Most of you have seen the Careforce announcement that the open house for the new session of Weight Watchers will be soon. Here at the Park, it's Tuesday, Sept. 14. I would love to see a room full of people. Even those of you who have told me you're "Weight Watchers drop-outs," (yeah, you know who you are) come back! Maybe this time, you'll be ready to change your life.

Feel free to e-mail me or comment with any questions. Can't wait to meet you! Oh, and don't worry. I'll remind you of this many times.

As for a weight update, this week was a slow one for me. I lost .2 pounds. But it was still a loss, right? I'll take it.


CD said...

Yes! .2 pounds is still a loss! You are losing weight the right way - and it will stay off because of it - keep up the momentum!!

You're awesome!

Anonymous said...

.2 is .2!! Good job!

kicks said...

You rock, lady!