Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The picture of health

I thought I'd try something new this week—photo blogging.
Beginning with a bonus picture from the weekend, I will be taking a few photos of me doing healthy (ish) things this week and posting them. I'll post throughout the day, so keep checking.

Gee, remember when a simple photo used to freak me out? Here goes nothing:

Sunday, I went hiking with my friend Kate. It was probably about 5 or 6 miles—definitely a new experience for me.
Checking my ActiPed this morning. That little hike gave me more than 11,000 steps Sunday.
My weekly Weight Watchers weigh-in with Tia. For someone who refused to look at the scale for years, it's kind of a miracle to have a photo with me on one.
Today's results were good! Lost 3.4 last week and got a new 5-pound star. What's my total? Count the stars (the little ones--the big one is my 5 percent.)
Love my water. On my second bottle of the day.
My favorite snack—Weight Watchers Chocolate Pretzel Blasts. So.good.


Tonia said...

Love the photos... and you look great in every single one. You have not only conquered your fear of the scale but you're up there with a smile. The Chocolate Pretzel Blast bars keep me coming back to WW :)

Anonymous said...

Every single time I read your blog or see your picture, I wanna cry. So proud of you.

Tiffany said...

Yay for new posts! Yay for photos and yay for 3.4 lb!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

so so so proud!! Dont know if you have been asked this before, but what is the total you want to lose?

You look awesome. I am so inspired by people that perservere and make big changes in their lives. You are awesome! Keep going, girl. You can do it!!

Girl on the phone :)

Anonymous said...

You look great in every single one of those pictures!

And after counting the stars I am going to start pricing cruises... Woo Hoo!

xo Beth

Casa de Nagel said...

love the photo blogging! you look purdy erika!

CD said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures!!! Love all the healthy things you are doing - so inspiring!! I bet the hike was something you wouldn't have dreamed of doing last year - and I would imagine you enjoyed it this past weekend! Lookout cruise line - here you come!

Dinah said...

You look FABULOUS! You are so sassy & confident & stylish, I love it!!

Anonymous said...

Erica, I love the photo blogging, you are so funny. Your blogging is an inspiration for us all, and I cannot tell you enough how proud I am of you. I can tell now that although this journey is a lot of work, it is fun for you now - and that is a good thing! Ditto on the Veggie Eggwhite Omelets; they are so good!


Tess Khan said...

Great pics, Erika! Sooooo proud of you. Keep it up :-)
- Tess