Friday, September 17, 2010

Not running on empty

First of all, I want to thank everyone who responded to Wednesday’s entry. I’ve been writing this blog since January, and that is the only entry I somewhat regretted posting. But as usual, you guys responded and made me feel so much better. I greatly appreciated the trashcan-eating solidarity. Thanks again.

So, two years ago, I did the KP 5k run/walk for the first time. I wore a regular Children’s T-shirt because even the biggest size of the special race-day shirt was too tight. I remember walking and thinking I might die. It was so hard for me.

Golf carts would pass me, full of people who couldn’t finish the race. And sadly, most of those people were my size. I was determined not to be one of them. I crossed the finish line, but could barely move for days.

Last night I did my second KP. I was decked out with nearly 1,000 of my fellow employees in our (really, really bright) green shirts. I was nervous. I thought back to how hard it had been the first time, and, despite my weight loss, I was afraid that it wouldn’t be any easier this time.

I was wrong. Though I still walked it (definitely not ready for running, yet), I kept a pretty good pace. I kept waiting for the moment that I’d feel like I couldn’t finish. But it never came. Sure, it was still tough, but I discovered it was much easier with 70 fewer pounds.

I’m grateful to my walking buddies—my Zumba girls who I started the race with, and Ashley Benson and Roseann Jorda, who crossed the finish line with me—in about 45 minutes. Not too shabby.

Congratulations to all my fellow walkers and runners. I’m proud to say that my Editorial team had 100 percent participation, and the rest of the Marketing and Communications Department was well-represented, too. My co-workers are rock stars.

A few pictures from last night:

Pre-race posing with my boss, Paul Parson. He ended up with the fastest time among the guys in our department. Woo!

Stong Enough at the start line.
Holy cow, that's a lot of people! But notice all the speckles of neon green. No wonder Children's won the participation award. Go us!
Celebrating at the finish line with my new friends and walking buddies, Ashley and Roseann. Those two made me hustle. Thanks, ladies!


Anonymous said...

The walk was fun, and yes, we Zumba buddies starting the walk together and next thing we knew, we could not even keep up nor catch up with Erika, she was on the move - YOU GO GIRL! I too did better than the years past - 30 lbs lighter myself, I did the walk in 60 mins. Next year I will work on 45 like my friend Erika! :-)


CD said...

Congrats on the race!!! You look awesome and I'm glad you felt better, 70 pounds lighter! MAn, you have come SO FAR!!!!

CD said...

Congrats on the race!!! You look awesome and I'm glad you felt better, 70 pounds lighter! MAn, you have come SO FAR!!!!