Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sweaty Betty

Here’s a confession that will shock no one who knows me, has ever worked out with me or has ever seen me on a hot day:

I am a sweater.

No, not the kind you pull over your head. The one that makes you want to bust out the '80s terry-cloth headbands.

Here in the South, some sweet-meaning people will say, “Oh no, we don’t sweat. We glisten.”

Oh no. I sweat. Like a proverbial pig.

It’s not something I love about myself. Why don’t chicks in the movies sweat as much as I do? Actually, why does no one in real life sweat as much as I do?

I honestly think I have a bit of hyperhidrosis (look it up). I don’t really sweat from anywhere but my head. Cue me in college, leaving dance clubs, looking like I just got out of the shower. Totally sexy.

When you combine my unbelievable ability to sweat—even in winter—with my heaviness, it was just another thing for which I always tried to apologize or justify. I’d tell people I’ve sweated since I was a kid (true), it runs in my family (true) and it wasn’t just because I was overweight (also true-ish). But my sweatiness has embarrassed me, and continues to do so on a regular basis.

My colleagues and I often walk to Chick-Fil-A for lunch. It’s not that far of a walk, and on a nice day like today, I really look forward to it. But inevitably, I’ve got to put my hair up by the time I get there. Gross.

I’m writing about this because something awful has happened. A side effect of my weight loss, perhaps. I’m actually sweating more than I used to. And I didn’t think that was possible. Someone told me it’s probably because my metabolism is running faster. Fantastic for weight loss, not so much for my hair.

So concludes my confession of the day. Now, if you see me walking around, fanning myself even though it’s 50-degrees out, be gentle. Please don’t judge a glistening sweaty girl.


Kim (eda) said...

Ah-ha! It's not just me! I also only wind up really sweaty on my head, not anywhere else. If I could figure out how to put antiperspirant on my scalp, I'd totally do so. It will be 20 degrees out and I'll still get sweaty coming inside of a building.

Alison said...

Oh, I'm another sweater. Drives me up the wall! Since I have to walk everywhere now, and often have a heavy bag of groceries with me, or I'm running late for a train, it means I've always got wet hair. Add in the fact that my hair takes forever to dry, and I just look a mess. Blonde hair doesn't help matters, does it! So don't worry. You're not alone! Maybe someday someone will actually come up with a scalp antiperspirant!

Anonymous said...

I sweat alot too. and my face gets soooo red. anyways, i try not to sweat the small stuff! hahaha! okay, that was lame.

You continue to inspire me, my friend. i think you are a beautiful example of strength and hope for so many. thanks for being you. thanks for sharing your journey with all of us. love you, girl.

Katie- aka G on the phone. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, at least its raining today so you can just tell people you got caught in a downpour?

Anonymous said...

I sweat too but not from my head. It's not fun but a part of life I guess.
Don't let it derail you cuz you have a great thing goin on!
Keep it up amazing girl!

Anonymous said...

Don't be embarrased! There is an alternative use for botox besides wanting to lose the ability to show emotions (lol). Botox is often used to treat hyperhidrosis of the feet, hands and armpits. You may want to look into it.

eav said...

An increase in sweat also means your body is adapting to your new fitness levels! As you get more fit in general, your body trains itself to cool down by sweating and the evaporation then cools your body. I am pretty fit and I sweat like a piggy too :)