Thursday, March 31, 2011

Raves for faves

It’s been a while since I’ve done a favorites blog. Here are a few things I’m currently obsessing about.

Gina’s Skinny Recipes
I love Gina. Love, love, love her. Gina posts amazing, healthy recipes made with fresh ingredients. I’ve made a ton of stuff from her site and I’ve yet to be disappointed. The site itself is great—easy to navigate and filled with lots of pretty food pictures.

I most recently made her Cheesy Zucchini Enchiladas and they were to die for. I was so sad when I ate the last one, and I’m pretty sure they’ll be a weekly staple for me. Easy and yummy.

Yeah, I know. Boring. But I’ve been shaking up my salads lately by adding goat cheese and various fruits, like mango and mandarin oranges. I’ve also been just using oil and vinegar. The combination makes my salads seem lighter and fresher. A perfect side to my main course.

Turkey bacon
I can’t get enough of this lately. Two slices are only 2 PointsPlus, too. That makes me happy. My new favorite breakfast has been a plain rice cake, spread with peanut butter and topped with turkey bacon. Turkey bacon and peanut butter—don’t knock it ‘til you try it.

New running shoes
I finally replaced my super-old running shoes. Now I have bright white, shiny shoes to help motivate me. Because I guess I have to keep up the running thing if I spent the money on the shoes, right?

Coconut oil
My secret weapon. I use coconut oil every day. I use it as a post-shower moisturizer, and I use a little on my face morning and night. It’s changed my skin—it’s more even, softer and better moisturized than it’s ever been. You can also use coconut oil on your hair and you can cook with it. Make sure you get the expeller-pressed, extra-virgin stuff. It comes in a jar and you can find it at Whole Foods and other health food stores. You won’t regret it.

Sorry, Charlie Sheen, but losing is the new winning. I had a fantastic weigh-in this week and lost more than I have since September or so. I’m only a tiny bit away from my milestone and that feels pretty good considering how I’d been feeling the past two weeks. Perhaps I ingested some tiger blood?

What are some of your new obsessions?


Anonymous said...

The Kroger at Toco Hills has a soup bar in it's deli section. Their veggie soup is consistently awesome. I get a quart on my way home at least once a week. I am obsessed!

dominicanjedi said...

Grapefruits. I wouldn't call it an obsession, but if I eat one in the morning, I'm good until lunch. And that's pretty good. In truth, I hate grapefruits. But I hear they're not so bad for you.

I'm definitely not obsessed with running. Does coconut oil help with that?

PS: Have you heard of Mo's Bacon Chocolate Bar? Those are pretty yummy, but I'm trying to stay away. 170 calories per serving, but good luck not eating the whole bar.

Kellynn18 said...

My friend totally convinced me to try turkey bacon, peanut butter, and tomatoes on a whole wheat English muffin. I thought it was going to be the most disgusting thing ever--turned out to be delicious! So I'm on your turkey bacon/peanut butter bandwagon!

I have also lately been obsessed with pudding. It satisfies a sweet tooth without too many calories. My boyfriend and I are going to try homemade pudding this weekend instead of out of a box. Wish me luck!

CD said...

You are hilarious, you with your tiger blood! LOVE blogs like this - congrats on more pounds lost! I'm going to try the Coconut Oil -
I love to snack on almonds and cashews - roasted, no salt - the crunch really satisfies! I also like Bran Flakes cereal mixed with some yogurt - yummy!
And Rao's marinara over spaghetti squash - divine!

Anonymous said...

Hummus with cucumbers. Great snack or lunch. I am also obsessed with the falafel I get at Costco in the frozen foods. Heat up in oven and it is soooo good!

Anonymous said...

Clementines! I dread the end of the season. I am addicted!!!

Anonymous said...

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emilyanne said...

Navel Oranges! I am not a fruit eater but lately I have been making myself eat it and I am in love with Navel Oranges! Also Chili Garlic sauce. MMMuy bueno! From the makers of Sriracha

Brant said...

I can't get with the turkey bacon unless it's a BLTA...A for avacado! :) But I'm cooking enchiladas tonight thanks to Erika!

Anonymous said...

Whole Foods has replaced the balsamic vinaigrette on their salad bar with a no oil [vegan] version. You can also buy a bottle for home/work in the produce section. 2 Tbsp = 0g fat, 30 cal. Enjoying it on my Egleston Cafe salad as I type!