Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I promised a few details about my belated Valentine's Day. And I try to always keep my promises. So here you go.

It was lovely.

My boyfriend is a busy, full-time single dad, so just getting to spend a day with him is a precious gift in itself. When I got to his house, we headed to Stone Mountain and walked to the top. I haven't been to Stone Mountain in years, and I've never walked up the mountain. Boy was I feeling my recent lack of exercise. If you've never walked up, I highly recommend it, especially on a lovely day like we had Friday. It does get steep at some parts, but it's not too bad. I did need to take one break, though. And I was a sweaty betty by the time I reached the top. Bless J for still liking me despite my sweaty out-of-shapeness.

Sweaty at the top of Stone Mountain

When we got home, he gave me my present--he cooked me a Mexican fiesta, complete with yummy grilled chicken and steak burritos, Mexican beer and home-made margaritas. Plus, he'd set it all up  in the most adorable way.

The ingredients of my yummy gift

 So yeah. Valentine's Day. Not too bad this year. :)


Anonymous said...

OMG, you two make the cutest couple!

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Anonymous said...

he's a cutie patootie - you go, girl!

Anonymous said...

Hi Erika!!!

Omg, I am super happy for you! you look great and very happy. Congratulations on all your success and beau :). I'm back in NYC now but thought I'd take a peek at your blog. Well done! I will try to be better at reading like the good ol' days :) JK.