Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Test tubes and Bunsen burners

So. I've been experimenting. New foods. New ways to work out. Just trying to get back on track.

Saturday, I spent the day at the Silver Comet Trail. Despite the fact that I live less than five miles from the beginning of the trail, I had never been. I'm currently participating in a Children's steps challenge, so I thought I'd get in some extra during the weekend.

Though I underestimated how cold it was, I enjoyed myself. I walked about four miles total and felt good about it the rest of the day. I also was impressed by the number of people who passed me riding bikes. I haven't been on a bike that moves from the floor since I was about 17. I might try renting one to see if the old adage about "just like riding a bike" is true. Any advice from those of you into cycling?

Food-wise, I've also been trying new things. I've been reading a lot lately about Green Monsters--smoothies that incorporate spinach. People swear that you can't! taste! the! spinach! at! ALL! I was skeptical to say the least. I started out with a fairly easy recipe: one frozen banana, a cup of vanilla almond milk and a couple handfuls of spinach--into the blender.

Here's how it turned out:
Pretty, no?

Of course, the real test was the taste test. Guess what? You can't! taste! the! spinach! at! ALL! It's true. I kind of wanted mine to be a bit sweeter, though, so I might experiment with adding some additional fruit. I felt super healthy drinking it this morning and am going to keep it up the next few days. If anyone has any other good smoothie ideas, send them my way.

Later, I had a new snack. Grape tomatoes and cucumbers stirred into 1/4 cup of cottage cheese and sprinkled with seasoning salt, regular salt and pepper. Yum.
I promise it tasted better than it looked. Yay for new snacks!

So while I can't officially call these favorites--yet--I am glad to be branching out and trying new things. As always, I welcome your ideas to get me out of my comfort zone.


Alison Henry said...

Smoothies and that cottage cheese snack are great ways to get extra veggies into your diet. I like to keep frozen blueberries on hand for smoothies - they add a nice dose of spinach-masking colour!

Alison Henry said...
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Anonymous said...

I keep frozen cherries on hand. They really sweeten up a smoothie - you can even hide kale in it then!

Anonymous said...

I drink a fruit smoothie every day. I use frozen bananas, fruit juices (varies depending on my mood), various frozen fruit and ground flax seed. Note: grind the flax seeds in a coffee bean grinder instead of buying it ground, so you don't lose all the nutrients.

Anonymous said...

Hi Erika,

I have a green smoothie for breakfast every morning on my way to work. You can sneak in so much good stuff into them (and you) it's ridiculous! Besides fruits and veggies, ground flax seed, chia seed, the almighty kale, probiotic yogurt, protein powder, agave or stevia, etc. I use coconut water or juice to thin them down and I almost always add fresh ginger. Ginger makes everything awesome! They are better chilled.

In the beginning, use about 60% fruit to 40% greens ratio. Gradually your taste buds will change and you'll need less fruit. I drink them before eating anything else so that my body can digest the max amount of nutrients before I gunk it up with food.

I also invested in a Vitamix- The Best Blender Ever. Saw it on display at Whole Foods and bought mine at Costco. They are pricey, but sooooooo worth it. Perfect for hitting up your parents for at birthdays or Xmas. You don't have to peel or chop anything. It can handle a whole apple- seeds, core, stem. It could puree your car. I love it b/c it made making smoothies easy and fun and was a surprise catalyst to me eating much more conscientiously. I have also always struggled with the weight roller coaster, by the way.
If you have any interest in borrowing mine for a trial for a few days, feel free. You can't kill it! x57012.

Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

I am in love with the green monster movement! Thanks so much for writing about it in your blog! It is a great breakfast replacement for me and keeps me full for a long time! Keep up the good work :)


Anonymous said...

Here is my favorite green juice:
1 cup spinach
half apple - with skin, without seeds
whole orange - no skin :)
1 banana - no skin :)
handful parsley
1 tsp fresh ginger - no skin
I just have a regular blender and it works great. I add the spinach and orange first and blend then add the rest one piece at a time.
So delicious my kids ask for it :)
Good luck!

She's gonna Tri said...

Ericka I ride my bike on the silver comet at least twice a week. Its great for your legs. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Smoothie look GREAT!! And I may just try this one!! TRY: carrot, celery and apple...I love it!!! Papaya pineapple and mango is another good one!!

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