Friday, August 10, 2012

This and that

*peeks head around corner*

Hi, everyone. I'm here. I know I've been quiet the past few weeks (and how many blog entries do I start out with that sentence?). I'm doing OK. I'm admittedly battling a few inner (and outer, it seems) demons, but I'm hanging in there. And lately I just haven't felt much like talking about it.

I thought I'd do a little odds and ends post today, including a few new favorites.

  • Finished my second month of boot camp. Gave up Diet Coke (see bullet three). Watched my food. Did well.
  • Lost 2.8 at WW this week. A loss, finally.
  • Back on the sauce. Oh, Diet Coke, you're like the ex-boyfriend I can't quit.
  • Have been in a bit of a food rut the past couple of weeks. I did super-well counting my points at least last month. But I'm in a place where I'm kind of sick of food. Nothing sounds good to me. Please send me some new, easy ideas. Feeling a big desperate. Avocado always preferred.
  • While I was doing boot camp, I canceled my gym membership to my beloved Ladies Workout Express. I'm trying to pare down my expenses a bit, and I have a gym in my apartment complex and the classes here at Children's I can do. Still, it will be a little tricky to stay motivated without the structure of boot camp. And y'all know I need me some structure. I'll keep you posted on my workout goals (um, as soon as I come up with some).

A few favorites:
Cherries! So, for years and years, I thought cherries were just bright red things that came in a jar (and went into a cocktail). But this summer, I've discovered the candy-sweet yumminess of dark red fresh cherries. I've been eating them like crazy. Bonus? Spitting seeds is fun!
Salmon Magic: This is yet another recommendation from my friend Laura (the mashed cauliflowtatoes goddess, herself). She told me about this seasoning, which, at least in my grocery store, is found near the dry seasonings and spices. And it's fantastic. If you look up a review of it, you can see people are obsessed with it. I put it on salmon and was so sad when I took my last bite. It is indeed magic, and would be great on other kinds of fish, chicken and probably even veggies. I'm in love with Chef Paul and his jaunty little cap.
Smart Ones Mini Cheeseburgers: I have probably talked about these before, but I love these little Smart Ones cheeseburgers. Be forewarned. These are tiny, y'all. They're more of a slider, I'd say. And they're 5 PointsPlus, which is kind of a lot for something so small. Still, I get major burger cravings, and these help to curb them. A small confession: sometimes I eat one for breakfast. Yeah, I said it.

Laughing Cow Cinnamon Cream Cream Cheese Spread
This stuff is yummy. But hard to find. I can only find it at Walmart, though I daresay it's worth the trip. I've put it on a sandwich thin, and an apple. It's got just a hint of cinnamon, making a yummy salty/sweet combo. Good stuff.

So there. You can stop bugging me about not writing now, k? Thanks for being worried about me. I'll post more next week. Until then, please do send your food ideas. I'm counting on y'all to break me from my boring rut.


Susanna King said...

If you're bored with food, may I suggest cucumbers? They're in season right now & we have them in our garden so I've been trying to come up w/ things to do with them.

My favorite is variations on the cucumber & cream cheese sandwich (using lite or whipped cream cheese on WW bread). You can also use cucumbers in place of crackers for almost any kind of cracker-based snack. just be sure to at least semi-peel the rind so you can bite through it!

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite fast food things is the Cherolita Taco with Tofu as the "meat" at Willy's. They use two layered, small corn tortillas, the orange-marinated, grilled tofu (which is wonderful), mexican slaw, onion, cilantro, a squeeze of lime, and tomatillo sauce. I always nudge them to keep loading on the veggies. It is packed with flavor with a small calorie count for just one, but I do let them put just a few chips in the basket for me to dip into their tasty chipotle salsa.
~Laura S.

cd said...

The charolita tacos at Willy's ARE excellent! Of course, I'm a meat eater, so I get mine with chicken or steak - but there is no cheese - it's small, refreshing, and full of flavor - skip the chips - who needs those? and have them made on a corn tortilla - not flour. Mmm mmm - and you can get out of there for around 5 bucks!

Cut up veggies (anything you like - broccoli, cauliflower, bell peppers, onions, asparagus, grape tomatoes, etc.) and sprinkle with olive oil, a little salt and smoked paprika - Bake at 420 for 20-30 minutes - DELICIOUS!! Sometimes I eat two whole brocolli crowns in one sitting because it shrinks when roasted!

How about stuffed bell peppers? Cook a little brown rice (in chicken broth to give it extra flavor) - cook and season some meat (or tofu) of your choice - combine with the rice and some diced tomatoes - pack it into the bell pepper - top with a little cheese and bake! YUMMY!

Scrambled egg on top of sauteed spinach with some crumbled turkey bacon - a little hot sauce - full of protein, healthy, delicious and filling!

Yesterday I cooked a chuck roast in the crock pot and thought I'd died and gone to heaven - It'll be on my blog today - - -

Hope you are well!!!! Lunch soon?

Wendy Christopher said...

I've recently gotten addicted to fresh green beans...simple but I just spritz olive oil on them and add rosemary, salt and fresh ground pepper..then I put them in a preheated oven for 10 minutes on 400 degrees..I'm sure this is nothing new but it is quite tasty!

Anonymous said...

If you really need something sweet, I have found that keeping a pint of Kroger's Private Selection California Lemon Sorbet in the freezer is a good idea. Its really sweet, but it is also so tart that I can eat it right out of the container without going overboard. I dare anyone to eat more than a half cup of this stuff which has 130 calories.

Anonymous said...

How about those Zucchini enchiladas that you love? I've also been making zucchini "tots". Yummy! There are different variations out there but skinny taste has a good one. They also have a great chicken, white wine and mushroom dish that is excellent! As the weather cools down you can go to soups and stews and chilis. I love a good veggie soup made with whatever I have on hand. :) My favorite "go-to" which I have probably mentioned is chicken breast and a jar of salsa in the crock pot. All you have to do is shred it when you get home and make tacos, taco salad, etc. Easy and Yum! You'll get through this patch and get energized again about food and exercise. Hang in there, girly!