Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weekly weigh-in report

I need to work on a catchy title for my weigh-in entries. Be glad I didn't go with my first choice--"Weekly weigh-in weport." What can I say? I just can't resist alliteration.

Today was a loss. I'm down 1.8 from last week. Good, I guess, though I was hoping for more. But I know my body. I worked out fairly strenuously last night, and sometimes I hold onto fluid because of that.

Either way, it's a loss, right? On to the next.

Just a preview of this week's entries. I'm planning an ode to my favorite vegetable (most of you will have no problem guessing which one), and the return of Photo Friday.

Also, you might notice a new little feature over there on the right navigation panel. I just created a Facebook fan page for Erika is losing it. Like the page to keep up with my entries and other random things I decide to post.

Thanks for sticking with me, y'all. I'm always grateful for your support.


Jan said...

Your ode should incorporate "Going back to Cali, to Cali, to Cali"...

Anonymous said...

Go with Weport. It made water almost come out of my nose.