Monday, December 10, 2012

A happy Monday

I had a good weekend. A really good weekend.

Those of you who follow me on Facebook (I'm now calling you Team Erika--I hope you don't mind), know all the gory details. But for those of you who don't (and if you want to, there's a link over there on the right to "like" my blog page), I spent my weekend in the lions' den of temptation--the Ronald McDonald House.

I was super worried about the weekend. I've been having such a hard time lately and have felt so out of control. I knew that three days at the Ronald could be one more step toward my total undoing.

I didn't want to let that happen. I couldn't let that happen. And guess what? I didn't. I made good choices. I avoided the ridiculous plethora of sweets. And for the first time in forever, I actually felt victorious. And boy did I need that. I needed to remember what it felt like to stay in control. It feels good, in case you're wondering. REALLY good.

For posterity, I made a little video. I might try to do more of these (I was a little scared of this at first), and obviously I need some coaching, so I'm not just a tiny box in the middle of the screen. At any rate, for your viewing pleasure--or whatever--I present a weekend at The Ronald.


Stalker from Kansas said...

Love the video! You looked pretty :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the video!!!

Anonymous said...

"Hello, lovers..."

Not gonna lie. Got a little teary a) being proud of you for showing baked goods who's the boss and b) seeing how gorgeous you look in life & on vid.

More videos. It's a must.

Anonymous said...

Um, hi supermodel. Happiness makes you a complete rock star. Proud of you!

Janell said...

I could not do it, surrounded by two cakes and cupcakes?! Good job! And I love seeing and hearing you, just like a real live person! *long distance hug*

Anonymous said...

oh my word!!! That is way too much temptation! Good for you for staying strong! LOVED the video--you need to do more of them!



Anonymous said...

First of all your beautiful so shut your piehole that you aren't skinny enough. :-)

Second of all, can I just say this? NO BODY should be eating the garbage at the Ronald! That food i mostly all junk! Thin, fat, overweight, young, old. No one should eat any of that trash. Since you are on such a roll, why not suggest cleaning house there? Stock the place with more healthy fare? Hummus, pretzels, baked chips, veggie trays, fruit platters, there's so many healthy options. I would throw all those cookies away. Giving junk food as gifts, while well intended and sweet, isn't the best idea. Just my thoughts.