Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Newbie no more

I finished my "first week" of Weight Watchers.

Today was the first time in a months that I'd weighed two weeks in a row. And it wasn't too bad. I am down 2.2.

In looking at last week, I can see the things I did that helped me lose that 2.2, but I can also see the things that prevented me from losing more (not that I'm not happy with my loss).

Things I did well:
  • Prepared meals and stuck to what I made, rather than deciding I didn't want it and going out to lunch instead. This is always a biggie for me.
  • Stayed focused, especially during the work week. I didn't let any work or personal stress interfere with my health goals.
  • Worked out four times.
  • Stuck (for the most part) to one Diet Coke a day (water the rest of the day).
  • Tried to incorporate protein into all my meals, including snacks (e.g. bananas with a little peanut butter).
  • Avoiding the work candy dish ALL week (pretty proud of this one).
Things I could improve:
  • Thinking I can have a "cheat day." My BF and I decided to order pizza Friday. I declared that I had been good all week and I deserved a cheat. This may be true. However, at the same time, I need to realize that I'm still pretty vulnerable and I just can't do that right now. 
  • No more candy smuggling. We went to the movies Saturday and I got a bigger purse so I could smuggle in some candy for us (yes, I'm a terrible person). That's not necessary. Maybe I should try smuggling baby carrots?
  • My mindset in general during the weekend. I really let my guard down a lot, but at least I got up yesterday refocused.
So overall, I had more good days than bad, and that's my whole goal right now. Victory was mine this week.

One down, lots more to go. On to the next week.


Dunwoodygirl said...

Any loss is better than a gain - so proud of you - great job!

Kellynn18 said...

That's awesome! Try not to discount your victories, no matter how "small." You continue to be an inspiration, even through your struggles. I respect your honesty so much. So glad your blogs are back :)

Anonymous said...

Hooray for a mostly victorious week!! It's nice to see you posting again.