Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Odds and ends

I got my newest 5-pound star yesterday at Weight Watchers. That’s 36 pounds total with 2.2 lost this week. I told you I’d lose that .8.

Tomorrow, I’m heading to Camp Twin Lakes in Rutledge for the weekend. For the past 11 years, every spring I work as a counselor at a camp for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It started as a story I wrote as a reporter and became a passion. It’s something I look forward to every year.

Last year I was miserable at camp. My feet and hands were swollen and all the walking around nearly did me in. It was one of my first realizations of how out of control I had become. This year I’ll have a new spring in my step and a little less to carry around.

Physically, it can be a tough few days. There’s a ton of walking. Throughout the weekend there are activities like boating, fishing, putt-putt, kickball, arts and crafts and even a dance. I’ll for sure reach my 15,000 steps goal. There are also some campers who use wheelchairs, and there can be a little bit of pushing and lifting involved. Though I have to skip my Friday personal training, I’ll be getting my workout in plenty of ways.

The food is something I can’t control, though. Camp Twin Lakes actually has wonderful food, but you are served what you are served. I’m going to try to make healthier choices in how much I eat. There’s also a salad bar and lots of fruit. Healthier options are possible—I just have to look for them.

Though I’ll not be blogging Friday as I usually do, I’ll be back Monday to let you know how many steps I walked this weekend and how I did with my food.

I wanted to give a little shout out to some of my co-workers. The Marketing and Communications Department has really made it a point to focus on wellness. Everyone here, particularly my fellow Editorial Team members, has been unbelievably supportive of me. I’m so grateful. My teammate Casey has organized several wellness challenges as well as occasional healthy potlucks.

A special yay goes to my manager, Paul, and my other teammate, Beth, who just began their second four-week cycle of Operation Boot Camp. The two of them get to Piedmont Park every morning at 5:45 for an intense workout. It’s showing, too. Last week, when they wrapped up their first session, Paul had shaved 1.8 minutes off his mile run, and Beth reduced her time by 1.3 minutes. Total rock stars.

How have the rest of you stepped up your wellness goals?


Anonymous said...

Way to go Erika! trust me, you will make those healthy choices this weekend! All that physical activity will be great too so don't worry about missing your PT session:). You definitely have me excited to start the next cycle of WW @ W with CHOA. 36 lbs is no easy feat so be proud of what you have accomplished thus far. You have a ton of us cheering you on. I want to drop 30 lbs (though 20 is probably ideal, hey- we want what we want right!)so I can't wait to say that! Thank you for being a constant inspiration. Your journey is real and relative to so many of us who read your posts. Your the best!

Anonymous said...

HIGH 5 for you, Erika! Congratulations on the 5 pounds! I knew you would lose the .8 too.

Sometimes I have to eat only on a "what the Lord provides basis". When I do I think of when He provided manna from Heaven for the Israelites. I know He'll provide enough for me to be filled and I know He'll provide for me the next time I need to eat, too.

Another thing about the Israelites is He provided bread in the morning and meat in the evening. That makes me rethink how many times a day should I eat. It was a temporary diet, so that is a good thing to remember, too.
There are days when I only eat twice a day. I always have breakfast. And, I'll have another meal that is a late lunch/early supper. That works for me especially if I drink plenty of water. It is great on busy days.

I have the Lord to thank for everything good, but I have to remember not to eat all the food I can at one time. Even when He provides more.

Thanks for letting me think out loud as I comment on your blog.

I'm going to step up my wellness goals. You've given me lots of ideas. My new one from you is counting my to go find my counter.

Keep up your greatness in your wellness!

Suzanne Metzger-Haugh said...

Congrats on taking another step forward toward your goal. It was such fun catching up with you over dinner last Friday.
I'll be thinking about you and all of the people you will make happy this weekend! Can't wait to hear the stories!

jj1991 said...

You have inspired me. I am going to join WW at work when the new session starts. Have fun at camp and thanks for blogging and being so honest.

Leanne said...

I'm drinking 60 + ounces of water so far everyday this week.... :-) and no soda...eating yogurt, cucumbers, tomatoes, and green beans often. And I'm avoiding empty carbs. Lost 3 pounds this week. Hope I keep it off.

Thanks for the encouraging inspirations!