Monday, May 3, 2010


Camp was wonderful. I’m exhausted but happy today. I’ve been pretty busy trying to catch up from being out last week, so I thought I’d just update you with a few stats:

From Thursday afternoon to Sunday afternoon:

Steps walked: 33,740, a total of more than 18 and a half miles (it would have been more, but I was driving some people around in the golf cart both Saturday and Sunday morning)

Salads eaten: Three

Desserts passed up: Three

Desserts eaten: One. What can I say? Banana pudding is a weakness.

Cookies consumed: None, despite a huge surplus of them that I avoided all weekend.

Pieces of pizza inhaled: One

• Diet Cokes consumed: Um, let’s just skip this. What? We had 7 a.m. wake-up calls!

“Ice Cream and Cake” dances performed: Four

Ice cream and cake eaten: None

Macarena and Electric Slide performances: One each (I was doing something else and missed both the Cha-Cha Slide and Cupid Shuffle. Darn.)

Hugs received: Countless

Hopefully this will pay off in my weigh-in tomorrow. Stay tuned to find out.


Anonymous said...

Good job!!!! Proud of you :-)

Anonymous said...

TERRIFIC!!!! Way to go! Sounds like you had so much fun and focused on the FUN activities more than the food - that is a big accomplishment - WAY TO GO!!! Hopefully that scale will yield that success!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I like the way you you "broke it down".

Leanne said...

Still tuned in...what matters on the weigh in is that you know you love yourself and appreciate yourself for making efforts for the better.

You are not what you weigh. You are not what your clothes size is. You're not a number. You're a Child of God and you are loved as you are.

Kevin M. said...

* Inspiration to others: Unmeasurable

You are amazing and you look incredible today! So very proud of you and all you have accomplished.

jj1991 said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Hope it pays off at the scale but it sounds like it has already paid off in good times.