Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Photo shoot fear

So. The weigh-in this week wasn’t as big as I was hoping. But I am down 1 pound. I’ll take it.

Today I’m doing something so far out of my comfort zone, it’s not even visible with a telescope. Remember my recent blog about how much I hate pictures? Well, in just a few minutes, a photographer and crew will come for a photo shoot for a story they’re doing about me in the next issue of Careforce Chronicle.

I’m not excited about this. Not even a little bit. I’m willing to do it, because Children’s has been so supportive of me. I truly would not be where I am and where I’m going if it weren’t for my working here.

But that doesn’t mean I want my picture anywhere in public. Lately, a few more people have recognized me from photos on my blog. That’s a nice feeling. Of course, I’m secretly hoping they’re thinking “Wow, she looks much better than in person than on the blog.”

Ah, self-esteem. That pesky little voice of doubt that’s in all of our heads. It doesn’t matter what we weigh, what we look like, what our income is—we all have our insecurities.

But I’m sucking it up. I’m doing this for you guys. And while I’m sitting here posing at my desk and panicking inside, I’ll be thinking of all the nice things you guys have written to me.


jj1991 said...

Can't wait to read the article on Careforce. You really are inspiring me; I am signing up for WW. Wish me luck and determination.

Anonymous said...

Hello Erika Again:),

I know how you feel, regardless of size, many of us shrink in fear. Tap into your inner diva (as I always say) and strike some fabulous poses. If for nothing else, these photos will help you along your journey. Wants you have reached your goal, you will be able to look at them and have a lil photo timeline of your success... :)!!!!!

Leigh said...

Hey, Lady!
I used to hate photos too. I'm better about it now, but for a good 10 years, every time I had to take a gym photo, I would make my famous monkey face. It's really ugly - mostly because it succeeds in looking like some crazed monkey/human hybrid. But - I figured since I was going to be unhappy with the photo anyway, I may as well look as ridiculous as possible. Every time I saw it, I'd think, "gee. I can only go up from there!"

You're already beautiful and looking even better every day! I don't suggest trying the monkey face for this one, but as long as you have fun and let your silly side come through, I bet you'll love what you end up with.

Good luck!!
-Leigh J

Anonymous said...

You're a hottie!

Anonymous said...

Erika - you are looking SO GOOD!!! It's hard for any of us to see ourselves - How great for you to step outside of your comfort zone - it's a learning and growing experience - you are a VERY strong woman, in my opinion - you inspire me daily to conquer my own fears! Good luck with the photo shoot!