Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Get too comfy--gain weight

This week I had my second weight gain since I started Weight Watchers.

I gained .6 pounds this week. The last time I gained weight was after my friend’s wedding and I could pinpoint exactly what caused it. This time, it’s a little fuzzier. My guess is that I’ve gotten a little cocky. And it shows.

So far, the program has been fairly easy for me. I’ve made good choices and those choices have led to weight loss. But lately, I’ve been slacking on my cardio (personal strength training is no substitute for much-needed cardio) and have been neglecting my Weight Watchers points tracking.

Those of us doing Weight Watchers at the Park can recite our beloved leader, Dee’s, many mantras:

If you bite it—write it.

If you drink it—ink it.

If you nibble it—scribble it.

If you lick it—click it.

I’ve not been doing any of these things. I’ve just been eating—and eating healthy—but acting like I don’t need to focus so much on the actual program.

I’m wrong. And now I’m .6 pounds heavier. Maybe that doesn’t sound like a lot. But every little bit does add up. I’ve definitely proven that during the last 10 or so years.

So I’m going to be hard core on my plan from now on. I’ll be tracking. I’ll be upping my cardio. I already had one good workout with the new Children’s Zumba class (SO fun, by the way! Make sure you check Careforce for your campus’ schedule.) and I plan to have a few more this week.

Because the one thing I don’t want is to get to the end of this journey and feel like I just got lucky and skated by. I want to work for what I get. And I will.

P.S. Our produce baskets were delivered today! I'm ridiculously excited about this (just ask any of my co-workers who are sick of me talking about it). I can't wait to go home and try some new recipes. Here's a picture I took of my basket:


Anonymous said...

Hi Erika!

I wouldn't say that you are becoming cocky, comfortable is probably the more appropriate word. I just started WW and sometimes I'm lazy, guessing the point value versus checking the book. Sometimes it's not always convenient. Well I learned my lesson because usually I am a half point or full point over or under. Your point is very well taken; every little bit does count. This is all about behaivor and you have made great improvements!!! Sometimes we need a little reminder to keep us on track and so take the .6 as just that, a little reminder. I am excited to be on this journey with you and trust me, we all will have our gains and losses along the way. All that being said. You are phenominal - a true WW diva ;)...keep it up:) - JK

Anonymous said...

I don't know Dee yet, but her mantra is going on my fridge!

Congrats on your continued success!

CD said...

This journey has been so eye opening for you! Thank you for letting us all into your thoughts and feelings - how great to be able to extract reasons for things, like your .6 pound weight-gain - You have gained such clarity and I just love seeing you blossom!!! Your basket looks wonderful!! Enjoy those yummy veggies!!! My favorite thing is to roast them - with a little EVOO and salt and pepper in a 400 degree oven for 45 minutes - yummy!!

Love Dee's mantra, as well!!! You're doing awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Standing on a "plateau" gives us a chance to look up and down and all around and think about where, why, how, when, and what we're heading to. The minimal "gain" could be looked as a plateau.

You're still toning up your muscles...which will probably continue as you keep moving and getting stronger. You're staying on top of it. Don't be discouraged. You're proving that you are sticking with the program by keeping yourself in check and assessing and reassessing your progress.

Yummy looking basket! Makes me want a salad, baked potato, roasted corn and some fruit salad. :0)

Dinah said...

Not to make this all about me, but your journey has inspired me to make changes of my own in the last couple weeks, and frankly, if you didn't have an off week from time to time, I'd start to suspect this blog was being written by a robot instead of a highly talented writer. So remember, even during an off week, that you're still doing great things for yourself and great things for your friends--so far I'm already down 3 lbs.

I'd also like to thank you for the roasting vegetables tip--my lunch today is super healthy, filling and delicious! And pass along this thing I just tasted last weekend: grilled romaine lettuce. Look it up. It's kind of amazing. Also, olive oil & chili powder on roasted/grilled corn on the cob instead of butter & salt. We call that Mexico-style here in CA, and it is spicy & yummy.

Finally, if you ever need to go to a meeting at the Northlake or Stone Mountain centers, look up WW leader Beth Barnes. She's one of my best friend's mom, and a sheer DELIGHT.

Anonymous said...

you can do it...hang in there!