Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday update

This week I got another 5-pound star. I lost 2.2 pounds this week, for a total of 66.8 pounds.

Several months ago, I talked about getting my first 5-pound star. I fretted about how many more I had to get to reach my goal. I still need many of those little stars to reach my ultimate healthy weight. But look at my bookmark now:

Now that goal seems a little more attainable.

A quick note to all my fellow Weight Watchers members here at Children's. Our meetings have been a little sparse lately. And that makes me sad. If you're afraid of the scale, come back. You don't even have to weigh in. You can just come and soak up some inspiration from your fellow members' victories--big and small. We're in this together. And you never know when something someone says will change your life. I know going to the meetings has been an important part of my journey. I hope you will join me. I miss you!


CD said...

GREAT job!!! GREAT progress - You are doing awesome, Erika!! How great to wake up and make it a healthy day - makes the body and the mind feel cleansed and great and helps you to keep that forward momentum going. I am so excited and happy for you! Are you following any specific food plan (like South Beach or one of those) or following your own plan by eating healthier? Just curious....

Have a great day!!!

Flynnsight said...

Hey friend, what about the fat-free tzatziki recipe?