Monday, August 9, 2010

Unequal and opposite reaction

In retrospect, I may have been a tad too ambitious by saying I’d blog every day this week. What was I thinking? But I hate to break promises, so I’ll try to come up with things to talk about.

I’ll start with this weekend. It was a bit of good vs. evil with good pretty much prevailing.

Friday, I babysat. Oh the binge eating I did when I was a babysitter back in the day. Just like my exploits at the Ronald, there is something extra appealing about food that doesn’t belong to me. As a constant babysitter, I can remember pounding Cokes (we never had them in my house) and eating as many Girl Scout cookies and as much junk food as I could stomach. And then some. But, I had rules. I wouldn’t open anything new, and I wouldn’t finish anything. I would push the wrappers way down deep in the trash, hoping they wouldn’t discover them. I’m sure they never noticed half their food was gone, right?

I remember one babysitting gig when I was in about seventh grade. These people I sat for had a jar full of fun-size Snickers on their counter. Everyone knows the fun-size ones taste the best. There’s just something perfect about the peanut-to-chocolate-to-caramel ratio. I would eat one. Then go back for another. Then another. Then I’d try to arrange the jar so no one could tell how many were missing. Then I’d stuff the wrappers in my pocket. One day while sitting, I guess a wrapper had fallen out of my pocket without my noticing. When the mom got home, she picked it up and said “Oh, someone’s had a Snickers!”

She said this sweetly, without accusation. But I immediately went into defense mode. “Not me! I didn’t have any!” “Oh, OK,” she said. Obviously she knew. But why did I feel the reason to lie about it?

Interesting. I did not plan to tell that story. In fact, I haven’t thought of it in years. But I guess it was significant enough that it stayed with me for so long.

This past Friday, babysitting was different. I may have had a few too many roasted almonds, but for the most part, I avoided the kitchen and managed not to binge.

Saturday I went to a baby shower. Here’s the good vs. evil part. I declined the (seriously amazing) chocolate cake with peanut butter layers. I had a bite of a friend’s instead. That satisfied me. But I did eat roughly 8 billion mini quiches. I guess you can’t win them all.

Sunday I went to brunch with a friend and her mom. Every time I go to brunch, I debate ordering the eggs Benedict. Before Weight Watchers, I would never even think of getting something else. Though I think having the eggs Benedict is a lovely indulgence every once in a while, I had already done that with the mini quiches. So instead, I had an egg-white omelet with spinach, tomatoes and feta, wheat toast and fresh fruit. Not so bad.

Last night I grilled some extra chicken breasts so I’d be prepared for the week (always a tricky thing for me). I also made a new recipe—fat-free tzatziki sauce to use on meats and veggies. I’ll post the recipe tomorrow.

In the meantime, let me know how good has triumphed evil in your life lately.


Anonymous said...

(Good triumphing over evil. Love it.)

Oooooooo! (raises hand!) I have one.

I avoided the Mr. Turtle pool-sized cooler of Chick-fi-la biscuits that work carted in for a Saturday training session this weekend...


I made myself arrive at 8:59am for the 9am training therefore dodging the 8:30am breakfast.

(D@mn you, chicken biscuits for making me anti-social. Tee hee hee)

Proud of you, E!

Tiffany said...

I dodged a bullet at DQ the other night and didn't get a Blizzard. I know it was for a good cause, but I was already buying three.

I'm totally holding you up to the post-every-day challenge!

CD said...

I used to work as the front desk girl for a real estate office - and this agent whose office was next to my desk always had a HUGE glass jar full of peanut m&m's - now, talk about a perfect ratio - the nuts to chocolate and how it all just melted in your mouth and gave you that perfect salty sweet combo - it was yumminess!! When he was out, his door was always open and the m&m's were a welcome invitation - in fact, I could swear that at some point, those little m&m's were calling my name - I played games with myself all summer long - I would grab a handfull and line them up on my keyboard (above the numbers) - I would work and pop one in my mouth and promise myself that when i finished that line of m&m's, that was it - I was done - well, let's just say that I broke many promises to myself that summer - and surprise, surprise - I gained weight!! They just tasted sooo good - too good to pass up! Now, when my kids have a pack, I have 2 or 3, max - and I really savor them - and I've found that I enjoy them but don't have that, "oh gross" feeling afterwards. I consider that a huge triumph!

You are doing GREAT, Erika!!! You are making great food choices - balancing a bit of over-indulgence with restraint - and that right there is a HUGE triumph!!! Keep it up!

LT said...

Went to the Vortex with the girls for lunch and had a Bison burger instead of the regular half pound beef one. Take that evil fried greasy food!