Monday, November 29, 2010


I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with loved ones.

I had a quiet, low-key holiday. It was exactly what I needed. But I’m also proud of myself for starting it off in a good way.

Thursday, I decided that I was going to get up and go to the gym in my apartment complex. Those of you who are long-time readers will remember that I had set a goal to do that many months ago. I never did it. But this time I was determined.

So I procrastinated a bit—like I tend to do. But I put on my workout clothes and headed over there. I figured it would be a perfect day to try it out. There probably wouldn’t be anyone in there and I wouldn’t feel self-conscious.

But as I punched in the door code and opened the door, I saw I wasn’t the only one who wanted to work off my Thanksgiving dinner ahead of time. There were a few guys in there. This is a tiny gym. Not too long ago, I would have seen people in there and immediately turned around and gone home. But I’m a different person. And I walked in there believing—knowing—that I belonged there just as much as they did.

I got on the treadmill and picked up my pace. And I did some people-watching. Obviously, as I belong to a women’s-only gym, I don’t see many guys in hardcore workout mode. And I have to say, the guys I saw at the apartment cracked me up.

One guy would practice his golf swing (with an actual club) in the mirror in between sets on various machines. Another guy would shadow box and dance while watching himself in the mirror. And a third guy tried to lift so much weight at once that he basically dropped it rather than following-through with proper form. My trainer, Jessica, would have had a heart attack watching.

At the 45-minute mark, I got the feeling I could have power-walked forever. But I had to meet my family. Still, I left that gym feeling accomplished in more ways than one.

Turkey Day treadmill proof.

And at dinner, I watched what I ate and tried not to overeat. This year, I was full of turkey and stuffing. Not full of regret.


Anonymous said...

Excellent job!! I too made it through Thanksgiving without too much guilt, but I did not make it to the gym; maybe next year!!

Anonymous said...

Love your observations of the other people in the gym! And good for you for not turning around at the door!!!

Tiffany said...

Wow, look at you, working out on Thanksgiving! Go E!

Now, I really, really need to hear about the Brangelina pant and the rewards. Please.

Anonymous said...

As much as I love me some people watching (or possibly because of it), I am horribly self-conscious at the gym. I would have gone right back out the door when seeing the men for fear that they would be making fun of me in their heads. Or even worse, on their blogs later on?

Anonymous said...

Girly, we had the same thoughts!!! My brother was in town visiting so I wanted to show him my Stone Mountain 5 mile around workout. After the 30 min drive there I wanted to only go around the mountain and go home. Instead, we added a challenge to go up and down the actual mountain (that I have not done in quite some time!). Total miles = 8, ActiPed steps = 16,500+++ the feeling of doing this prior to Thanksgiving day eating and then eating a tiny portion = PRICELESS!!! Great Job! ~JK ( I am finally able to post :)