Friday, November 12, 2010

Snap out of it

I haven’t been feeling very well this week. I’m OK—just not feeling 100 percent. I worked out (fairly lightly) Monday evening, but haven’t felt up to going to training or even to my beloved Zumba all week.

Boy, that’s affecting me. I have said before that I’m not a person who really loves to exercise. I don’t wake up in the morning craving a good run. I don’t get super excited at the thought of getting on the elliptical. And I still—at times—have to talk myself into going to the gym.

But I’ve gotten to where I appreciate pushing my body more than I thought I could. I love knowing I have muscles where I didn’t before. And I really like the feeling of accomplishment I get from a good workout.

And this week, because I haven’t been feeling up to working out, I’ve felt pretty down. In fact, Wednesday night I had a good old-fashioned pity party. For no reason, really. Just me, some sad songs and lots of tears. It was pretty pathetic, actually.

I’m hoping I feel much better next week. Because this moping stuff just isn’t for me. And maybe this shows—as much as I don’t want to admit it—I don’t hate working out quite as much as I claim.

And just because I know you guys love photos, I'm leaving you with a little before/after treat:
My boss and great friend, Paul Parson, and me. This was taken in August 2009.

Paul and me--Oct. 28, 2010


Casa de Nagel said...

Great photo Erika! You should be very proud of yourself! Hope you are feeling better soon :)

CD said...

i am holding my sleeping baby in one arm & am typing this with my free hand- have just caught up on your blogs - they are wonderfully honest - you have made such amazing strides! i am looking forward to being back at work in january and catching up!

Janell said...

Your cheekbones, girlfriend! Wow!

Anonymous said...

I love that before and after! You look like such a different person. I know you hear this all the time but that is the Bomb Dot Com!!!


Anonymous said...

a slimmer face makes a bigger smile - literally! it is so beautifully prominent!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing! Way to go!!

K8 said...

You are beautiful! And even "love my morning run" people just lose their workout mojo every once in a while. And you know, sometimes, you just need a break.

I am glad you are writing about it - and about your eating challenges lately. It's a tough time of year - less daylight, more food-centric festivities, but I know you and you have the discipline to push through - and know when it's perfectly ok to treat yourself every now and then!

Let's plan a Maddio's Menchies trip with Ellie soon. Nothing we can't conquer with a diaper bag and a bottle!