Friday, July 13, 2012

Looking up

Less whining today, for sure!

I've actually followed through (so far) with what I told you I'd do. No Diet Coke. Counting my points. Working hard at boot camp (today, they definitely tried to kill us).

This morning, I stepped on the scale. And it had actually moved! I mean, who'd have thought? You work your program and it actually works.


I'm feeling a lot better in general, and very grateful for the constant support of my lovely readers, especially those of you who have reached out to me lately. I'm hanging in there.

Of course, this week was the easy part. This weekend, not so much--I have to tackle the Ronald. I'll let you know next week, with total honesty, how it goes.

A few random things for now:

  • I'm seriously obsessed with the beef and Greek yogurt dish. I make it every week. I've started browning onions with the meat, too. I ditched the pita and now just make a big bowl of yumminess with the meat, sauce, reduced-fat feta, tomatoes and spinach.
  • My other obsession lately is red seedless grapes with sugar-free Jell-O. I had forgotten about the awesomeness of this treat until I saw my friend Katherine eating them. This is the simplest sweet goodness you'll ever "make." Wash the grapes, and while they're still a little wet, sprinkle a little bit of sugar-free Jell-O powder over them (I bet these would be fabulous frozen, too). Any Jell-O flavor works, but strawberry is my favorite.
  • This is day three without Diet Coke. I miss you, old friend. But we really are better apart than together.
  • Last weekend, I went tubing in Helen with my friend Carla. We had a blast. It's been years since I went tubing, and for once, I wasn't concerned that the tube couldn't handle my weight. Though I may have missed the extra padding a bit, when my booty smacked against a few of those rocks. Ouch.
  • This morning I checked my ActiPed (a fancy-schmance pedometer for all you non-Children's peeps), and I had more than 7,000 steps before 10 a.m. Yay boot camp! 

Have a great weekend, everyone.


Anonymous said...


I tried the grapes with s/f jello frozen:) They are like eating candy!!
Thank you for the continued encouragement through your posts! I have been on Weight Watchers for a year and a half, and have lost 55 pound! Deb (CHOA)

Anonymous said...


I think you might like readng this blog....

She is awesome. She lives in Marietta and has a very inspiring weight loss blog just like yours! I love it!!

Charlotte Marie said...

So proud of you for recommitting and sticking to it! And to echo comments on previous posts, you're never "whining" - you're being real and I appreciate knowning I'm not the only one who falls off the wagon sometimes. Love the blog and hearing about your "obsessions" - I want to try that beef dish next week!