Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Who wants a cupcake, anyway?


I have had a heck of a week. And I mean that in a good way. I have been laser-focused on my plan. I have been rock solid. I have tracked. I have exercised. I have consumed what seems like a million gallons of water.

For the first time in ages, I have been in control. And it had varying levels of difficulty--especially this weekend.

I was at The Ronald. For those of you who don't know, I'm a weekend manager at our local Ronald McDonald House. Once a month, I get there early on a Saturday morning and do not leave the property until super early Monday morning.

The Ronald has proven to be a minefield of temptation--and I've not always come out unscathed. In fact, when I first started my journey years ago, I had to take a six-month leave of absence. I couldn't handle the sweets and casseroles that people so generously brought to the house. After I went back, it became the championship game. I would practice and prepare for it all month, and then go in determined to beat my opponent.

As I've fallen off my plan in later years, I've usually gone in to my weekends just not caring either way.

But right now, I'm trying SO hard. So going in Saturday, I was both nervous and determined. Not only was it a regular weekend there, but it was Valentine's weekend. I knew that meant an abundance of sweets and goodies.

I brought my own food and stuck to that for the most part. I avoided the (literally) hundreds of cupcakes generously donated by Gigi's Cupcakes (we're not talking so-so store-bought cupcakes) and skipped the excess chips and other less-healthy topping options on taco night.

I felt so good to be back on track. I wish I could explain how much I needed to feel like I'd accomplished something.

And it turns out that all that cupcake avoiding, steps I walked around the House and healthy choices I made paid off. Today was my weigh-in. Ready for the total?

No, really. Are you SURE you're ready?

7.8 pounds down.

Seven point eight.

In a week.

I thought my sweet WW leader was going to cry. Actually, she might have. She's seen me faithfully attend meetings--usually without weighing in--for quite some time. And she's been supportive and encouraging of me no matter what. But I needed to jump back in the game--and fast.

So I did. And I won this battle.

Now--on to the next.

*jumps on horse*

P.S. I'm thinking it's about time for a new Friday Favorites. Sound good?


Heidi James said...

So super proud of you:)

Amanda Harris said...

Fanbleepingtastic lady!