Monday, December 6, 2010

Tied ball game

This weekend, I filled in at the Ronald. As those of you have been reading for a while know, I’ve been on a leave of absence as of late because I can’t seem to control my food there. The sweets and homemade casseroles baked by our generous donors are just too much for me, and I end up walking out of there disappointed.

My weekend manager gig is a paid position. And even though sometimes physically I can’t afford to be there, financially I can’t afford not to go.

So this weekend I went in determined to survive. When I first started Weight Watchers in January, the Ronald was no match for me. I fought pizza and candy, brownies and chocolate chip cookies. But slowly, my iron will began to weaken. And as I told you guys recently, my focus has been a little off lately. So I was nervous to go.

I’m happy to report that today, I’m feeling good about my weekend. I brought my own food and ate it when I needed to, and only indulged once (a small piece of cheesecake).

Now I’m remembering how empowering it feels to have overcome an obstacle.

My focus is back in a big way. Huzzah!

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